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Saturday, 9 February 2019

The Best Exercise for Chest | Chest Workouts for Men

Hello, dear friends, are you searching for the best exercise for chest then you are the right place because today I will telling you some best exercise for chest that you can do at your gym and also at your home. I will clear all thing that what is the upper chest workout and what is the lower chest workout. Just keep reading and follow all stapes if you have any query then you can leave a comment.

Best Exercise for chest
Best Exercise for chest

What is the chest and What's inside your chest?

The chest is part of the body between your neck and stomach. It includes ribs and breasts. Inside your chest, there are many organs including the heart, lungs, and esophagus. Lungs, a large thin sheet of tissue, lines inside the chest cavity.

The Best Exercise for chest at home without equipment:-

Push up: Many people think that there is a need to go to the gym or use the tool to make a big chest. In fact, there are many exercises that you can do at home / without any equipment weight - the weight of your own body is your tool. push up is one of the best chest exercises you can do it at your home.

Benefits of Push Up-

1. Build a large chest, shoulders and hand muscles. Push-ups have been reduced in the ability to make muscle upper body. Perhaps because it is a physical exercise that you will "outgrow" in terms of strength. Fortunately, there are many advanced variations to challenge your body and keep your muscles strong.

2. Burn calories and fat If you are looking to burn more calories than the Greek god statue, then you are in luck. Push-ups can be brilliant as part of cardio/endurance workouts. However, you had to build adequate base power where you can do at least 40-50 non-stops. Otherwise, you will end your muscles before ending your cardiovascular system.

3. Get a full physical workout. Push-ups are a compound exercise, which means it is a multi-joint exercise that works for many muscles. It is also important for your stabilizer muscles to come out and play. It improves the strength of the chest, as well as the trips, shoulders, and stomach. Even it hits the back, legs, and glutes (albeit to a certain extent), thus providing a complete physical workout.

4. Increase the strength of your bench press. Even if you can weigh a large amount of weight, it does not mean pushing up is a waste of time. On the contrary, they actually improve your bench on the tenth press. Why? Because they train the muscles of your stabilizer and core muscles in a way that does not cause the bench press; You are making your body stable and dynamic with your hands. Whereas, in the bench press your body is stable with weight gain.

5. Do it anywhere. Are you on a vacation journey? Do not have access to the gym? no problem. You can get a decent upper body workout with push-ups (add to the pull-ups to hit the back). They can be displayed anywhere you find a safe surface

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Chest workout at home without equipment:-

Before we get into the workout, how to do different push-up variations here.

1. Regular push-up

This classic bodyweight exercise is excellent for starting as well as keeping the training as a staple in any full-body or upper-body exercise. Be sure to use a wide grip, because it will work more than narrow grip technology to your chest muscles. A regular push-up is good chest workouts.

2. Push-Up  Hold

A push-up hold is an isometric type of exercise that will improve the strength and definition of your chest and also work on your core, shoulders, and arms. Apart from physically strengthening this exercise, there is another benefit, it will definitely make you mentally "tough".

This is because you have to hold the push-up position as much as you can. So if you think push-ups are hard to do, then think how difficult it is. The main key here is to believe that you can do it and move your boundaries forward.

3. Wide Push-Up

Push-up in a wide position is another variation that will put more pressure on your chest. This is because when you put your hands in a broad position, most of your weight is transferred to your pectoral muscles. So far as you keep your hands, the big challenge for your chest will be.

Wide push-ups use more of your pectoral muscles to help you lift your body and improve your upper body strength.

4. Inline Push-Ups

If you find a standard push-up too challenging for the first time, then you can start with an inclination push-up. Stylizer, due to low body weight, you will need to work push. It is also a good exercise to target your lower chest workout

5. Reject Push-Ups

The one who goes up also comes down too. These push-ups will help you target your upper chest workout and deltoid muscles in particular. This will add weight to your body as compared to a standard push-up, which will make it difficult.

6. Diamond Pus-Ups

The diamond push-up is another challenging change of push-ups made by keeping your hands together, as long as your thumb and index finger "diamond" does not touch the shape. At the time of push-ups, there will be a slight change in your hand, in which the muscles that are involved in the exercise - the triceps and the internal chest muscles will be affected.

 Best Exercise for chest at home without equipment

7. Dips for chests

Dips for chests
Dips for chests

Why it's in the list: First of all, make sure you are pushing the pips: put your feet behind your back, bend forward as far as possible, and let your elbows flare out as a dip. Chest Dumps are a great spot-free option for the fall press.

Best dumbbell chest workout-

1. Bench Press

  • Bench Press Dumbbell Practice for Chest
  • Lie down on your bench on a bench and hold 2 dumbbells on your chest level with your body, palms facing your feet.
  • Raise the dumpling directly until your elbows are close to being locked and gradually lower them after a short period of time.
  • Breathe while raising the dumpling and breathe while bringing back.

2. Lie Fly

  • Late Fly Dumble Exercise for Chest
  • Lie on the bench on your back and hold a dumb with each hand at the height of the body, the elbow is slightly arched.
  • Raise the dumplings until they are over you and gradually bring them down gradually.
  • Try to maintain the same angle in your elbows.

3. Bent-Arm Plover

  • Bent Arm Pullover Dumbbell Exercise for Chest
  • Lie on your back on one end of the bench and place 2 dumbles under the level of your head, elbow at 90-degree angle.
  • Raise the two dumplings till they keep your elbows in the elbow with a 90-degree angle, not next to your chest and lower them back after a pause.
  • Breathe while raising the dumpling and breathe while bringing back.

4. Straight-Arm Plover

  • Straight hand pullover dumbbell exercises for chest
  • Lie on your back on one end of the back and hold a dumbbell with both hands above your chest area, arms should be extended.
  • Raise the dumbbell upright until your arms are parallel to the floor and stop it for some time.
  • Keep your angles fixed and keep your arms in full detail.

      Dumbbell Exercise for Chest

Pec-Deck Machine

Chest Fly is difficult for many trainees to learn with a dumb or cable because the time required for the duration of practice requires the closure of the arms in a slightly curved position. Fortunately, the pec deck simplifies things because it allows you to work in only one route. So, this practice is a great movement teacher, and you can go for a great pump without balancing any weight.

best exercise for chest
the best exercise for chest

The EMG data show that the activation of the pectoralis major and anterior delta is statistically similar between the pec deck and the bench press, which means that even if you are working in different representative ranges for each exercise There will be a lot of chest activity.

In your workout: Hit the last pec deck in your chest routine for a set of 10-12. drop set and partial reps, Pumping out as many as a failure.