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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Home remedies for Dry skin

Dear Friend today I am sharing to you best home remedies for dry skin. many people have worried about dry skin that's why today I am telling you how to cure dry skin. You don't have to go to a doctor because you can solve your dry skin problems also dry skin patches at your home.

home remedies for dry skin
home remedies for dry skin

Home remedies for dry skin: -

This is due to aging, an inherent skin condition, or environmental factors, dry skin may cause discomfort and itching. There are many treatments available to treat dry skin at home - but which are the most effective?

Dry skin, also called xerosis, is a skin that lacks moisture in the outer layer. If left untreated, dry skin rifts and can be infected. It is important to moisturize dry skin, but some store-bought treatment can be expensive or ineffective.

This article searches for home remedies for dry skin and looks at the scientific evidence behind the claims.

There are various home remedies for dry skin. Most of the treatments given below can be used as moisturizers unless otherwise stated. The best way to use moisturizer is to apply it softly after a bath and allow it to soak in it.

Home remedies for dry skin on face: -

1. Sunflower seed oil

A 2013 study found that sunflower seed oil improves hydrotherapy when used as a moisturizer on the sides of the participant.

The same study found that olive oil actually damages the skin barrier, suggesting that all natural oils are not suitable for use as a moisturizer.

2. Coconut oil

Another natural oil that works well for dry skin is coconut oil. A 2014 study found that coconut oil is safe and effective, similar to petroleum jelly for dry skin treatment. It was found to improve the hydration of the skin and increase the number of lipid (fat) on the surface of the skin.

As 2016 research suggests, coconut oil contains saturated fatty acids, which have fewer properties. An amount is a fat or oil that acts as a moisturizer by filling the gap in dry skin, making it smoother.

3. Dalia Bath

Dalia is another natural ingredient that can help in the treatment of dry skin. Adding grated oatmeal or using cream, which contains oatmeal, can help relieve dry skin for bathing.

A 2015 study found that porridge extracts had anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, suggesting that it could treat dry skin.

4. Drinking milk

Milk can also relieve dry skin, but not being applied to the skin. Research of 2015 shows that a diet, including milk, can improve dry skin. The study found that the fat present in the milk, which is called phospholipid, added to the diet improved the obstruction of the skin in rats. More research is needed to see whether drinking milk has a similar effect on humans in the skin.

5. honey

A 2012 review of research has found that some studies have found honey beneficial for many types of skin diseases. Various studies have found:

These are all qualities which suggest that honey is an ideal in home remedies for dry skin relief. It is completely natural and it can be applied directly to the skin.

6. Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly, otherwise known as mineral oil, has been used for years as a moisturizer.

In 2017, the researchers found that after using petroleum jelly, the obstruction of skin in elderly people improved. This discovery supports the use of petroleum jelly for the treatment of dry skin, especially when due to aging.

7. Aloe Vera

According to a 2003 study, aloe vera gel can help relieve dry skin.

People with dry skin on their hands or feet can apply the Elowara gel and cover the affected area with sock or gloves. People may like to do this before going to bed and leaving the jail all night.

If dry skin is on any other area of the body, then allow the Aloe Vera gel to apply liberally and allow it to absorb the same effect.

3. Oatmeal Bath

Porridge is common folk remedies for irritable skin. A 2015 study showed that grandmother and great-grandfather have been recommending this home remedy for centuries: It works.

Colloidal porridge has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that calm the burning sensation. This remedy is especially effective if you want to get rid of itching. When you take the oatmeal bath, make sure that you moisturize your skin to block it.

You can take balm bath at home. Use the food processor to mix oatmeal in fine powder, then stir it in hot water. You can also try one of the many commercial products available to absorb porridge.

4. Antioxidant and Omega-3s

When your skin is dry, it means that you are exposing it to the elements that are hurting skin cells faster than your body. According to the Mayo Clinic, there are some foods that can help your skin look healthy.

Foods rich in antioxidants can reduce the risk of toxic substances and help your body make healthy cells. Some foods that contribute to skin health include:

  • Blue barries
  • tomatoes
  • carrot
  • Legumes
  • peas
  • Masur lentils
  • Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon can also contribute to a glowing skin diet.

5. Gloves

Hand experiences the most direct contact with environmental irritants. These include dish soap and laundry detergents.

When you have water in your hands, put the habit of wearing gloves. When the temperature drops and you are working out in the cold, your hands give much scolding.

While working at home, or when you live outside in extreme temperatures, wearing untouched gloves can cut dry, irritated skin.

6. Adjust your shower temperature

The American Academy of Dermatology says that relieving dry skin is sometimes easier as changing your shower routine. While most people do warm showers, they can spoil the skin and cause harm.

And some soaps that claim to moisturize and repair the skin can cause adverse effects. They can trigger allergic reactions and dilute the skin with harsh chemicals.

Take small water shots, which are not hot. And look for soaps that are fragrant and soft on the skin compared to traditional soaps.

7. Use a humidifier

Placing a humidifier in your home can help reduce the dryness caused by the home heating system. However, gas and electric heat strip moisture from the air, a humidifier set at 60 percent, is enough to offset this effect, according to the Harvard Medical School.

8. Avoid allergic and irritation

The sudden event of dry skin may be linked to the clothes you are wearing or you have not exposed your skin.

Sitting in the chimney, spending time in chlorinated or chemical treated water, or even wearing woolen clothes can irritate your skin and make it feel dry. Check that you are keeping your skin though, and try to treat it slowly.

It is important to preserve healthy skin. Your skin is the first line of defense against bacteria and viruses. The infection can occur when your skin is compromised with itching. You may want to include a good moisturizer in your routine, even when your skin is not bothering you.

In fact, maintaining a healthy skin obstacle is the best way to prevent the outbreak of dry skin. There is another essential skincare tip that uses a moisturizing sunscreen every day to prevent skin damage and dryness.

Be sure to wear loose clothes, which removes sweat from the skin when exposed to high temperature or skin irritation.

Remember that extremely dry skin can be a sign of a more serious condition. If home remedies are not helping, you may need to get prescription treatment from the doctor to relieve your dry skin.

9. Skip the hot shower

In the cold days, a steamy hot shower makes some things look good. Your skin disagrees. Super hot water is dried to eliminate it. Give it a lukewarm shower, and if you use soap, make sure that it is all natural and the most gentle that you can find.

10. To excel employment staples

You can buy an expensive jar of salt or sugar scrub to exfoliate - which removes dead skin cells and creates new skin which is more easily capable of absorbing the moisturizer - or you have pennies in your kitchen Can erase some natural sources quickly. 

11. Moisturize moisture

Whatever your moisturizing routine, when you are fresh with a shower or bath - the lotions are designed to turn into moisture, so when your skin is the most humid, then make them easy to use by using them.

So, friends, this article was about the home remedies for dry skin. If you want to know this article or if you want to know anything related to this article, please comment below.

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