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Sunday, 13 January 2019

Best hair care tips at Home

Dear friends today I am sharing to you best hair care tips at home.this is the easiest way of taking care of hair at home. The real care of your hair starts from your home, especially when it comes to your diet, the kind of external ones you put on your hair and scalp.

Best hair care tips at Home
Best hair care tips at Home

Here are suggestions that will help. Home remedies help in the good care of hair and scalp, as well as make sure to adhere to all of these depending on the type of hair and scalp.

How to take care of hair:- 

Tip 1: Homemade Shampoo

Shampoo can be homemade so that you can make your own shampoo, it can be a mixture of rye, amla, shikakai which you have to soak overnight and boil the mixture the next morning until it remains half. Let it cool down and remove the botanical material and it can work as the best shampoo for your is also help to hair care.

Tip 2: Tea tree oil

Those who have become lice in their hair can use tea tree oil and can also be used as a shampoo. With the problem of lice, this mixture helps in solving bacterial infections and fungal problems.

Tip 3: Chamomile

A miraculous hair conditioner, chamomile is a plant that is used to make tea, to prevent hair loss and hair loss. The easiest way to incorporate this into your daily hair care routine is to immerse five T bags in some hot water. Once cooled, remove the tea bags and nourish your shampooed hair with this prepared mixture and leave the hair rejuvenating with hair follicles.

Tip 4: Mayonnaise for hair care

To make the most of this hair conditioner, place half a cup on your hair. Cover your hair with a plastic bag for 15 minutes. Once done, wash your hair with shampoo and pay attention to the difference.

Tip 5: Rose Water

Using rose-water on the hair shaft helps in treating dry hair problems. Apart from this you can add olive oil and honey mixture to the cooked papaya and apply it on your hair and shampoo hair after one hour.

Tip 6: Multani clay

Tired of your oily hair as a result of excessive production of soybeans? One of the most sought after solutions is to shampoo mixture of Mulani mud, Amla, Rita and Shikakai for 40 minutes before applying it on your hair and the results will leave you in awe.

Tip 7: Castor oil

Do you go into a situation of depression every time you look at those varieties of hair on your brush or towel? To stop the problem of hair loss, stop being heavy-hearted and use castor oil. Helpful in growing long hair, it is also beneficial in the treatment of dry skull conditions.

Tip 8: Almond oil

Almond oil works a lot of hair and adds glow and glow on it. It helps a lot to nourish your hair and smoothen the hair follicles. It helps to make your hair healthy and beautiful and brings shine to your hair.

Tip 9: Regular brushing every night

You might have heard that brushing more hair can cause hair loss and physically harm your hair. Well, not always, not always. This bus brush depends on your use.

Using synthetic bristles can lead to friction in the hair and thus can actually damage the hair. Instead, using the correct brush such as the Boer Bristle brush can really increase the blood circulation of the scalp.

Make sure you are combing your hair at least 50 times before retiring for the night. Brushing your hair strengthens your hair and increases hair faster.

Tip 10: Do not wrap wet hair in a towel

Most of us have a habit of wrapping our wet hair in the towel after shampooing, there is a little bit about the shortcomings of this habit. Wet hair is likely to fall hair and wrapping it in the towel, it can worsen it even further.

Best Hair Care Tips To Get Long And Dense Hair:-

Hair care with avocado

It is one of those fruits that have many health benefits related to hair and skin. If your hair is thin in appearance then proper moisturizing will be necessary. Avocado is a natural product available with Mother Nature, which contains Vitamin E and it is very good for thickening the hair.

 It is also a process of putting on hair. First, you have to take an avocado and remove the soft part of the fruit. Now put it in a container, a small banana, and 2 teaspoon olive oil in the mashed form. 

Mix it well and cover every strand on your hair and leave it like this for a 30-minute period. By this time, all the nutrients will be absorbed by your hair and scalp. Wash it with a light shampoo.

Eggs for long hair

Your hair should supply enough protein so that it can be long and dense. Like our body, hair also needs good amounts of protein, which can be supplied with the help of eggs. If your hair is long, you will need 2 eggs, but people with short hair can manage with one egg.

 Just beat the egg in a container, beat it well until the finished solution becomes light yellow and the white part is not lost. Now move it from root to tip at every strand, using a glove on your hair, brush or with your hand. You need to keep it for half an hour and then remove using a light shampoo and lukewarm water.


You may have heard about henna several times. It is a herbal powder in which there is a mixture of all the ingredients like rosemary leaves, amla, rhea, shikakai and much more. The mixture of all these herbs gives rise to an amazing product that keeps your hair strong, strong and attractive. 

Mixing rosemary powder in warm water and soaking in overnight. The next morning you should put the paste in your hair. You can also mix egg and curd and make a wonderful paste. This paste is very effective in bringing health to your hair. Wash your hair after drying once or twice.

Aloe vera gel

Over the years, the use of the Aloe vera gel is used to make a wonderful effect on human skin and hair. But many people are still not aware of this fact. But, you should actually try to apply the Aloe vera gel, which is available in your kitchen garden. Take a long break and cut it from the middle. Now remove the Aloe Vera gel and place it on your hair. 

This helps to restore the pH balance in your skull. After applying this aloe vera gel on your hair, you will have to wait for 30 minutes. You can also mix coconut oil with Aloe vera gel and get a wonderful result in treating your hair. You can grow aloe vera plant in your kitchen garden and get effective remedies. 

Your hair will be free from dandruff and hair loss. But you have to use it regularly.

how to take care of hair for getting long hair:-

  • Coconut hair oil makes the hair frozen. But it does not help to grow hair. This hair oil is like a conditioner for hair.
  • Almond oil is really beneficial for hair. Apply oils at night that makes your hair smooth and shiny the next morning.
  • Other oils such as castor oil and mustard oil are also increasing hair and keep your hair skin greasy.
  • Tea oil is the best applicant for hair. It makes hair shiny and shiny
  • The mixture of lemon, curd, tea extract is widely used for hair masks and conditioners.
  • Apple cider vinegar helps for hairy bouncy hair. Applying a mixture of vinegar with hot water on hair becomes your hair rigid.
  • Bottle gourd juice is good for hair. Put the gourd juice on the hair on the hair and after 3o minutes wash it get the best result.
  • Olive oil is the best time to end the split. Put olive oil on the split ends of hair.
  • Mix Amla Powder, Castor Oil, and Eggs, and make a smooth paste. Apply before hair bathing.
  • Avoid hot water baths. Hot water makes your hair dry and brittle.
  • Take all of these rosemary, lemon juice and egg white mixture for hair fall. Apply this paste on hair and hair scalp. Wash after 20 minutes.
  • Do not come wet hair, it will remove hair from the root.
  • Have a proper diet in the diet.
  • Clean your hair Take a hair bath 2-3 times a week is good for healthy hair.
  • Stay hydrated in the daytime
  • .
  • Avoid exposure to hair towards the sun, pollution.

The reality of Myth and Hair Care

Just keep hair wasting, we will tell you 9 things you should know about caring for hair.

1 hair is washed with cold water

Not all beauties need victims; Not everyone is required to wash in cold water, and less in winter.

Never sleep with 2 wet hair

This is true, and although you expect hair to dry over the hair for drying overnight, and curling does not fade, this process is not very helpful. Aside from the possible cold, I also dream of wet hair, causing harm to the hair cuticle, scalp burning and even the cause of the Russians.

Cutting 3 tips gives you growth

Although it says a lot to cut ends, this secret is to know when to do it. The truth is desirable that for every two or three months to keep them healthy and to strengthen the hair. But the rate of hair growth is about genetics, he wrote in Woman Today's publication.

  • It is bad to wash your hair every day
  •  If you throw your hair, you will get more
  • Melanin deficiency in hair, which gives hair color.
  •  helps to remove wet hair from the ends of hair
  • Wet hair is more delicate and can break more easily. Use the brush or wide comb to tuck it out without damaging it on the exit from the shower and start with tips. Do not pull up and if you have a lot of oddities, apply softener spray without rinsing to help care for your hair
  •  Dandruff does not contribute to hair loss
  • Washing a lot of hair after the fall of
  • Yes and no, washing your hair always wash your hair. But this is a hair of the old. In the day 

  • we lose 50-100 hair on an average, but new ones are born every day
  •  hair knots can be found to break on solid

Better to do this, wear brand and were collected very well, as always, you can break hair and get baldness of traditional patterns too. Avoid them, especially if you have seen that hair falls more than normal.

Now you know the secrets that hide your hair, and you will be able to take care of it better without any excuses.

So, friends, this article was about the Best hair care tips at Home. If you want to know this article or if you want to know anything related to this article, please comment below.

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