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Saturday, 15 December 2018

Fruits to avoid during Pregnancy

Fruits to avoid during Pregnancy - Being a mother is a pleasant experience. When the first experience of being a mother is experienced, they do not know what they should take special care of. What kind of changes do you make in your diet? Because knowing these things is very important for a mother. So today we are going to tell you which fruits do not eat women during pregnancy.

Fruits to avoid during Pregnancy
Fruits to avoid during Pregnancy

  • Do not eat these three fruits during pregnancy

1.Raw papaya
Raw papaya should not be eaten during pregnancy. Due to the consumption of raw papaya, there is the possibility of initial delivery.

Baked papaya can eat ...
Cooked papaya is very good for eating during the third and final trim of pregnancy. In baked papaya, there is an abundance of vitamin C and other nutritious elements, which helps prevent early pregnancy symptoms such as constipation. Baked papaya mixed with honey and milk is similar to an excellent tonic for pregnant women.

2. Pineapple
Pineapple can be harmful to health at the time of pregnancy. It also sharpens the possibility of distribution compared to its consumption.

3. Grapes
Doctor refuses pregnant women to eat grapes in the last quarter of pregnancy because its heat gets hot. So eating too many grapes can lead to childbirth. So do not try to eat grapes during pregnancy.

Take care of yourself during pregnancy ...
The most important advice of pregnant women's experts is that they should eat clean and fresh food, wash the fruit. Take fruit and vegetables as food during pregnancy.

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4. Raw shellfish
 Dangerous diseases can be caused by raw fish or raw fish and shellfish, such as mussels, oysters, sushi or clams. The infection can be prevented by cooking them well.
Cook the seafood well at the internal temperature of 145o F so that the fish separates into the flakes and the shrimp and lobster appear to be opaque. Shellfish should be cooked until their shells are open.

5. Undercooked meat:
It is not a good idea to have your steak rare, because the undercoat meat can be contaminated with salmonella or toxoplasmosis, both of which are dangerous for you and your baby.
6. Unexpected Dairy Products:
Milk is a good source of calcium in addition to providing protein and minerals. But, beware of unexpected milk or products because it puts you at risk of serious food poisoning. Stay away from some soft things like Brie, Feta, Camembert, Blue cheese and some Mexican style cheese.

7. Without fruits and vegetables:
Bacteria can be found on the outer peel. Try to remove any damaged or injured areas - bacteria can thrive in these places. Toxoplasma, a parasite can be found on unwanted fruits and vegetables, and it can be especially harmful to you and your unborn baby. Apart from this, the peel may contain harmful pesticides which can affect a developing fetus. Wash all the fruits and vegetables thoroughly before peeling or cooking.

8. Highly caffeine products:
Nothing is too good for the body, especially if you are pregnant. Similarly, excessive caffeine products are associated with an increased risk of abortion. In addition to tea, coffee, and chocolate, caffeine is found in various cola drinks and some OTC cold and flu medicines. Talk to your doctor who recommends a limited amount of caffeine.

9. Alcohol:
When you were not pregnant, sometimes the glass of wine would have been fine, but there is no safe amount of alcohol for your child! Drinking when you are pregnant increases the risk of fetal alcohol syndrome, so it is a good idea to completely stop.

10. Microwave Popcorn

There is a compound in the packing bag known as PFOA or perfluorooctanoic acidity. Popcorn is queued with toxic non-stick lining. This chemical proved to be the result of cancer and infertility. Oil and emulsifier contain permeable trans-fat. The taste of butter made from a compound known as dysentery; It was making serious illness among the workers of the factory. This chemical can also be listed as a known carcinogen.

11. Margarine Stick

This is not a nutritious choice for butter. Stick margarine contains high levels of trans-fat, which harm your blood vessels and arterial blood vessels, as well as calories. In most sticks margarine, there is a minimum of 100 calories in one spoon! Over time butter is much better than trans-fat, salt and artificial colors and which is margarine, it is in flavors.

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12. Pancakes Mix Pancakes

Pancakes contain trans-fat and partially hydrogenated soybean or cotton powder with a powder. This is a boxed mix and a lot of healthier.

13. Tomato Sauce

They hinder your body's natural ability to know if it has consumed a lot of calories, so you are most likely to.

This chemical sweetener makes the body appear to produce a lot of sweetness! Diet soda causes you to reduce your risk of doubling and doubling for weight problems. Aspartame spoils their insulin sensitivity more than sugar. And the consumption of the option of heavy sugar produces kidney failure.

14. Tomato Chutney

The tomato sauce bottle contains refined sugars. Corn syrup due to the second component! Most likely, whatever you eat, there is an excessive amount of sugar in it, it is not necessary inside your tomato sauce. Many tomato sauces also contain sodium.

15. Frosty

Canned or packaged frosting is only a combination of trans-fat and corn syrup, which contains preservatives, artificial colors and artificial flavor. Many have food colors which are restricted in many other countries. Most of them are soybean or cotton oil.

16. Packaged sandwiches

Pre-packed sandwiches are neither worth the money nor problems. A typical sandwich is more than 400 calories within the sandwich alone. However, you should have calorie intake in your entire lunch! It can be more than your everyday fat and salt intake. Mayonnaise is not healthy, reduces coupon-clipping, that is just one teaspoon of 11 grams of fat and they have four tablespoons mayo.

17. Non-organic Bananas

Bananas look so clean, but the farmers who work, they avoid a large number of pesticides, which are sprinkled regularly on bananas. There were more than 13 different insecticides in it. Most are a carcinogen These juicy fruits contain many toxic chemicals spraying. These insecticides are available for banana, so washing them does not work.
18. Coleslaw

It has cauliflower and carrot, each of which is very healthy for you, but it is packed with calories and sugars, along with a lot of fat. Although fat is produced by mayonnaise and some chain brands, for example, excess fat inside the service of KFC, Cleave and Fried Potato

19. Sprouts

The sprout we are talking about the bean, alfalfa, or peas. The factor which develops shoots, in warmer conditions, there are ideal conditions for making bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli, and users develop. In addition, when you buy sprouts from the store, you do not know what age they are in fact, and sprouts can develop harmful bacteria within days, otherwise, it can be handled properly.

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20. Packaged Cookies

Do you know that there is some trans-fat in individuals' cookies, whether it is a box or not? It is partially made using hydrogenated oils. They include white dough, lots of sugar, artificial flavor, color, and many preservatives. Cookies that use "High Olive" oils that keep your product fresh without all trans fats. Or, apparently, you can keep one or two cookies in your house.

What is the food during pregnancy

  1. Eat Cheese rich foods.
  2. Eat nutritious pulses.
  3. Regularly eat fruit rich vegetables.
  4. Foods made with rice and coarse grains should be eaten
  5. Be sure to eat green leafy vegetables.
  6. Consumption of nutrients such as proteins, calcium, iron, vitamins, and folic acid will cause them fewer problems during pregnancy.
  7. The number of calories should be increased in the food. By which the mother and child can get adequate food.
  8. Eat nutritious meals, this nutritious diet is very important for the child's development.
Fruits to avoid during Pregnancy

So, friends, this article was about the Fruits to avoid during Pregnancy. If you want to know this article or if you want to know anything related to this article, please comment below.

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