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Monday, 17 December 2018

Benefits of eating peanuts

If the winter is coming, the fun of benefit of eating peanuts increases. Sit with family or friends and eat peanuts,   Peanut nourishes our body. So keep in mind that more peanuts a can also cause food loss. Fennel (handful) roasted peanuts are definitely beneficial for nourishing eyes. Protein, calories, and in groundnut. Vitamin is rich. It provides good nutrition.

Benefits of Peanuts
Benefits of Peanuts

Health Benefits of Peanuts

Proteins, lubricants, and sugar are found in peanuts. One kg of groundnut (fall) is equal to two gallons of milk (milk). 

Its protein resembles milk, it comes with lubricant butter. Peanut is full of milk, almonds, and ghee. Peanut produces heat in the body,

 so food is more beneficial during the winter season. It is useful in all types of cough.

It gives strength to the lungs and increases the amount of obesity by eating peanuts in a continuous amount. It should be eaten with food like vegetables,

 kheer, khaki and eat it regularly. 

Being part of the oil in groundnut, air diseases are destroyed and it enhances the digestive power and it is pleasant, 

but this nature-nature is also harmful to the people of nature. Eating more peanuts increases stomach disorder.

Some excellent benefits of eating peanuts -

Tuberculosis (TB):

In peanut, the chemical called 'arginine' is very rich in amino acids, which succeeds in eliminating tuberculosis (TB) disease. 

It can be helpful in increasing nitric oxide levels in the body. Nitric and oxide stimulate the body's immune system. Peanuts also contain other nutritious elements such as fat that can affect patients positively.

The patients were given a capsule with the origin of other medicines for four weeks and it has been found in the experiment that the benefits of treatment on those patients who were given the arginine were shown more.

 Significant improvements were seen in symptoms like a cough. There is a decrease in TB bacterial levels in the sputum test.

Experts believe that with the help of Arjun therapy, TB treatment time can be reduced. Experts have said that where Arjunin is not easily available as medicines, its work can be taken from groundnut. TB patients should eat continuously peanuts.

  • Calories 567.

  • 49 grams of total fat

  • Cholesterol 0 mg

  • Sodium 18 mg

  • Potassium 705 milligrams

  • 16 grams of total carbohydrate
  • 26 grams of protein

No more gallstones:

Twenty-years diet data collected on more than 80,000 women from nurses' health studies show that women who eat at least 1-ounce nuts, peanut or peanut butter every week, include 25% of gallstones, There is less risk. Since 1 ounce is only 28.6 nuts or about 2 tbsp nut butter, this can prevent gallbladder disease because it can be easy to pack a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (fiber for lunch every week, Make sure to use whole wheat bread for vitamins and minerals), raise me after a handful of peanuts as an afternoon, or some mung on your porridge or salad Pulp the pods.

Peanuts for weight loss

The risk of losing weight:

  • Although nuts are known to provide various types of cardioprotective benefits, many people avoid them from fear of weight gain. A possible study published in Journal Obesity shows that such fears are unfounded. In fact, those who eat nuts at least twice a week, they are less likely to lose weight compared to those who do not eat almost nuts.

  • Do not worry about increasing weight and prevent you from enjoying many tasty flavors and nutrition benefits!

  • Spread some nut butter on your morning toast or bagel.
  • Remember how much great childhood lunch peanut butter and jelly sandwich were included? Vegetable Peanut Butter and Concorde on whole wheat bread, spread the ginger jelly and make that lunch box a favorite.
  • Fill the celery stick with nut butter for pick-up for the afternoon.
  • Sprinkle a handful of nuts on your morning cereals, lunch salad, and the boiled vegetables at dinner.
  • Or simply enjoy lightly roasted nuts as a healthy breakfast.

Fights Stomach:

High-quality poly-phenolic anti-oxidants are present in groundnut. P-Coumaric acid has the ability to reduce the risk of colon cancer by reducing the presentations of carcinogenic nitrous-amine.


Peanuts contain high amounts of anti-oxidants (7). These anti-oxidants become more active when boiling groundnut. Biochanin-A increased 2x and Genistein content increased 4x. They reduce the loss of free radicals produced in the body.

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Other benefits of peanuts:

They help keep you warm during the winter season.
Reduce the risk of stroke
The nutrients found in peanuts include folic acid phytosterol, phytic acid (inositol hexaphosphate) and resveratrol, which can have the effect of anticancer.


Eating 60 grams of peanuts regularly during pregnancy increases the fetal progression. Make peanut (bake, heat) grated and powder. After a pregnancy, after adding three spoons of powder to a glass of hot milk (milk), once a healthy baby is born, drink a baked, 

baked, hot peanut and drink two and two round milk. This method will have similar benefits.

Milk Growth:

Due to the production of raw peanuts, milk is fed to mothers regularly. Due to newly baked peanuts, regular milking also enhances the mother's milk.

Skin tenderness:

In winter, with newly baked peanuts, the skin is soft and does not touch the hands and feet.

Dryness and dryness:

In winter, dryness comes in the skin. Mix some peanut oil, milk and Gulab water and massage after 20 minutes. This will improve the dryness of the skin.


Before bathing, take a fourth spoon of groundnut in the palm, rinse it in the palm and massage the oil on the lips, it is beneficial for lips.
Reduction of obesity:
Some experts have said that sometimes before eating a little-roasted peanut without taking sugar or coffee, hunger quickly becomes calm and the person consumes less food, thus gradually decreasing body weight. It seems like.


Vitamin 'B' is found in abundance in groundnut. It is called the essential calorie shop for the body. After this, it is a special feature in the use of peanuts, which does not contain any substance called Kestral. It contains mono-unsafe fatty acids,

which reduces the risk of heart disease. Peanut is also printed on refined oil box, if you eat peanuts in small quantities, it will not be affected, but more food can be harmed. Cardamom patients should eat at least peanuts. Peanuts can be harmful to the heart.

The University of Chicago at the University of Chicago Dragevicellinovich and her colleague researchers have stated that the heart is in danger from peanut, it fats fat on the inner wall of the arteries, which can hinder the flow of blood. Do not do that, Dr. The dragon expressed the support of monkeys in the morning by feeding peanuts.

Peanut oil is also beneficial for nutrition and health. It is easily digested, protein is rich in quantity, which does not require any other thing to take from the protein. In the pain of hands, feet, and joints, peanut oil strengthens body massage and provides relief in pain. From peanut oil, herpes, itching, itching, and skin diseases are cured.

Benefits of eating peanuts

So, friends, this article was about the benefits of peanuts. If you want to know this article or if you want to know anything related to this article, please comment below.

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